Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life. It is the time to make joyous memories that will last a lifetime. With outdoor weddings becoming more and more popular, you can choose a similar setting for your wedding. Check out some of the tips and tricks on how you can create a dreamy and magical wedding:

Choose a Venue that Suits Your Needs

The first task to tick off your wedding planning checklist is to reserve the venue. You can use your backyard or book a venue of your choice. By carefully evaluating your guest list, choose a venue that has the capacity to fit all your guests. Make sure to select a venue that will not lead to overcrowding so that the day is memorable for you as well as your guests. 

Have a Backup Plan for Unexpected Weather

Unpredictable weather might be one of the biggest challenges that can affect the beautiful setting of your “I Do’s.” It is important to stay prepared beforehand so that you and your guests do not suffer because of steady temperatures or heavy rainfall. A wedding tent or marquee can provide your guests with the necessary shade and also amp up the appeal of your wedding. By consulting with wedding coordinators like wedding hire in Rotorua, you can always have a backup plan to deal with extreme weather conditions.

Consider Venue Electricity

To create an unforgettable venue, you can use different types of light to illuminate the night. Use chandeliers to add the wow factor. You can hang them from the trees or your tent to set the mood for the wedding. Limb lighting is a great way to create a whimsical outdoor setting whereas cafe lights can also help in creating a dreamy atmosphere. Moreover, venue electricity can also power up the equipment for your DJ or other events at your wedding. 

Divide Up Your Space

To make the most of your venue, it is recommended to divide your space for the ceremony, the sitting area for your guests, the reception and the after-party. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can also include a separate space for the dance floor. By dividing up the space, you can ensure smooth sailing of your wedding and ensure the other events are not clashing with each other.

Align Your Decor with Your Theme

Decorate your space by incorporating the existing flora and fauna in your venue. Colour coordinates the overall theme for your wedding according to your choice to create an enchanting look. You can get creative with the entrance and add customised arches to match your theme. You can even match your tableware and the other wedding decor to create the complete look you have been dreaming of.

Make Sure the Bare Necessities are Covered

Lastly, be sure to cover the necessary amenities such as portable toilets. Make sure they are easily accessible for all your guests along with proper soaps and hand towels. Car parking is another necessary aspect that you need to think of.

To sum it up, create a list of the important things that are necessary for a wonderful outdoor wedding. Apart from creating the ambience, you can display your food and booze outside and even have a photo display area to amp up the fun. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy this day to the fullest surrounded by nature and the feeling of warm sun and gentle breeze.

July 18, 2023 by Laurence MacDonald