Things to be in Sync With Your Partner for the Wedding

Although you may be head over heels for each other and excited to take the leap of faith in your relationship, you must not generalize your aspirations about the wedding. The best plans should always result from discussions and agreement.

Whether it is a big wedding that includes a lot of guests and service providers or an intimate one, you want it to be a memorable event. There will be a lot of opinions when you announce your intentions to get married and start planning, but you should not get distracted. A couple must prioritize each other’s wishes and ensure they are always on the same page.

Once you pick a date with your partner, you should factor in the associated arrangements and make a checklist from start to finish.

Read on to steer clear of confusion or conflict of interest about your big day.

1. Plan a budget

As adults of marriageable age, you should talk to your partner about the wedding budget both of you agree upon. Discuss your savings, other investments and the amount you have on your mind for the event. If the parents are eager to sponsor part of the ceremony, sit down with them and share your thoughts.

Once you have a number, you can allot funds to different functions such as cake cutting, cocktail or an after party. You can use the remaining money for your choice of venue and catering.

2. Discuss your wedding vision

As a couple, you may have butterflies in your stomachs, but you can’t let them go crazy! Once the budget is in place, the next step is to talk about what your dream wedding looks like.

Your relationship was love at first sight in a world filled with diversity. To discuss your wedding vision, one should be honest about their passion for each other. You want your big day to be smooth and memorable.

Are you a happy couple who are both quiet? Maybe an intimate wedding where you sway to the beat after sharing some wine is your way to celebrate. Or if you’re both partygoers, a DJ night might be perfect for you.

3. Talk about priorities

When planning for the wedding, maybe you are least bothered about the guest experience. Little things, like the cutlery used for dinner or the music, rank very high on your charts as a couple. Be ready to adjust with your partner for minor differences, for example, your preference for glassware and your partner’s silver. In such situations, always be on the lookout for a middle ground. You can choose wedding hire in Rotorua to have a variety of party accessories and equipment.

4. Book a venue

Based on your preferred time of the year and place, it’s best to check off items on your to-do list. Couples wish to marry in a season they both like or have pleasant memories in. You don’t want to run out of options when looking for the right venue.

It’s wise to book the venue first because one may run out of options. The choice and decision must happen right after the proposal. You shouldn’t sweat like a pig when taking the wedding vows in a church as a last-minute arrangement. Try to do what’s best to create a memorable event and a lifetime-worthy wedding album!

5. Research and choose a wedding planner

Making arrangements for the big day and thinking about furnishing may not be fun, but they are unavoidable. As a couple, you have too much on your mind to think of dinner tables or invitations. Since you shouldn’t leave your guests looking for chairs during the ceremony, hire professionals to manage the event.

Do a basic search for wedding planners on the internet. When you go through multiple websites, you get to discuss, compare, and call the potential vendors. The feedback can give you a sense of what you can expect and if you can get your choice of music band. You can also have them sync with your caterers and bar services.

6. Put in time for wedding invitation

The world has evolved with time, but well-designed wedding invitation cards are still valued. Although some couples think it’s an unnecessary expense, time and effort are appreciated when there are many positive RSVP emails.

Some people like to collect and keep safe cards that stand out. Soon-to-be-married couples can hire services to create a style of invitation that suits their vibe to excite guests and set the tone of the wedding. You can be a couple that wants to cherish and flaunt the special day.

Whether a traditional wedding invitation or a creative email, do not compromise on quality, and hire a company that crafts an informative invitation with date, time, place, and other details with an attractive envelope.

7. Find the right wedding dress/suit

Be prepared to be the centre of attention on your wedding day. Even a laid-back bride or groom can experience pre-wedding jitters. So prevent any last-minute breakdowns and play safe.

Choose your outfit, get the fittings done, and keep the vendor’s contact details for clothing emergencies.

8. Arrange transportation

Your guests shouldn’t have to use Uber to get to the wedding. Let them feel your gratitude and warmth when received by a reliable driver. There’s no need to be worried or confused about organizing your wedding transportation because there are car suppliers to suit your needs and passengers. Choose from an array of ride options, be it sedans or limousines.


The primary attraction of any wedding is the couple. So make all your efforts fruitful by enjoying the event to your heart’s content!

October 30, 2023 by Laurence MacDonald