Managing events is a big responsibility. Every factor has to be taken into consideration without fail. If you are organizing a party or some congregation, so much effort goes into planning and implementing it. The fruitfulness of the effort directly depends on how everything about the event turns out. There is a strong interconnection between the various factors and by chance if any of the factors falls apart, it becomes very difficult to pull everything together. In order to avoid any such negative chain reaction, organizers need to be alert all the time from the time of planning to the time of implementation. Most outdoor events need to set up a marquee to meet event requirements. Here is a list of things that could go wrong while hiring a marquee and you need to be super careful about.


While doing a marquee hire in Coromandel you should be aware about the type of weather you will be expecting on the day of the event. A sunny day with a breeze is not something you can expect to have on a regular basis. Weather changes are imminent and should not be taken lightly. Hence it is imperative that you check weather forecasts before the event to be on the safer side. In case of heavy rains and strong winds, your marquee should be sturdy enough to withstand the extreme weather.


Not being aware about the approximate number of guests that are going to attend your event can completely ruin your event. The marquee should be big enough to accommodate most of the guests which would need you to be very clear about the number of guests that you are planning to invite or are expecting.


The type of marquee is determined by the kind of event you are planning to organize. Events can be formal or informal. Formal events would need a more sophisticated marquee that looks great and can accommodate the right number of people. On the other hand an informal event like a family reunion would not require a fancy marquee but a simple setup will suffice.


Before marquee hiring you should always do a thorough research to avoid any last minute glitches. You should be well aware about your requirements like the size of the marquee and the type of event. You should also know the budget that has been marked for the marquee setup. Such research will not only help you in narrowing down your choices but will also help you to choose the right company for your event.

Marquee hiring should be done after factoring in all requirements for the event. Without proper financial considerations your event can fall apart. You will have to decide a certain amount that is just right for marquee hire. This is done by taking into account the type of event that is getting organized with respect to the number of people and the type of event. You should also be aware about how you will place various booths in the event because you cannot just make people sit inside the marquee.

May 04, 2023 by Laurence MacDonald